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what's more intresting then travelling inside people's mind

क्योंकिं मैं गलत थी

क्योंकिं साहिब, गलत थी मैं।

अरे मैं भी कहाँ, मेरा तो जनम ही गलत था।

कुछ भी कह लो आप, लोग हज़ारो वजहें बता देंगे मेरे गलत होने की,

उनके पास वाजिब सबूत भी तो है, मेरे गलत होने के;

मांगो उनसे, देंगे वो सबूत, थे उनके पास नए जमाने के हथियार,

लाइव गयी है मेरी बेशर्मी की तस्वीरें, मांगो तो सही, मिलेगा ज़रूर।

सुनो साहिब, छोटे थे मेरे कपड़े, गलती मेरी हैं,

ज़रा सस्ती थी वो झीनी चुनरिया, वही खरीद बैठी- महँगी खादी की जगह;

दुकानदार देख रहा था मेरी गलती तो मेरी तरफ झांक झांक कर, 

गलती मेरी ही थी, पता ही न चला।

सुनो साहिब, गलती मेरी थी,

एक तो माँ बाप से पढ़ाई करूँगी की जिद्द कर बैठी, और ऊपर से दोस्ती कर बैठी,

दोस्ती भी किनसे, ना लाज है मुझमे और ना ही रत्ती भर दिमाग,

कुछ थे लड़के, मेरे दोस्त, सब अच्छे ही तो थे, कभी किसी ने मेरी तरफ उस दुकानदार की नज़रों से नही देखा; गलत थे वो,

गलती तो उनकी भी थी, क्योंकि मेरी गलती कभी बताई ही नहीं उन्होंने।

सुनो साहिब, एक और गलती मेरी

मेरी ज़बान की गलती, कमबख्त हमेशा चलती रहती थी,

जवाब देती थी उनको जो समाज मे सही थे, जो हमेशा सही रहेंगे, भगवान बन गया है उनका सही रहना,

मिला मुझे सबक मेरी गलती का;

पर आपको अब भी नहीं पता कि क्या थी मेरी गलती?

अब कबूल कर लेना बेहतर होगा।

गलती थी मेरी की मेरे कपड़ो से झांक रही थी मेरी गर्दन, चेहरा, हथेलियां और पाँव,

थे कपड़े भारतीय, पर थे तो कम ना और मुँहफट भी तो हो चली थी मैं।

एक बात सुनो और समझो साहिब, समाज की रीति और विचार कभी गलत नहीं होते, मैं गलत थी, 

क्या आपको नहीं मालूम की लड़का लड़की दोस्त नही होते,

बहुत कोशिश की, पर कहाँ छुपा पायी अपनी ये ओछी हरकतें?

दिनभर घूमा करती थी उन्हीं दोस्तो के साथ, लोग सही समझते थे, बेगैरत और गलत तो मैं थी साहिब।

पर रोये बहुत थे, वही दोस्त, मेरे जनाज़े पर।

वो नादान थे, मेरे जनाज़े पर इरादा किया था कि इंसाफ मिलेगा मुझे;

बताया ना मैंने आपको नासमझ थे वो, मुझे इंसाफ मिलता तब न, जब मैं सही होती।

देखो साहिब, मेरी बेशर्मी पर पड़ी झीनी चादर उतारीथी भरे बाजार में, किसी ने गलत नही किया, रोका नहीं उतारने वालो को,

समाज हमेशा सही होता हैं।

मैं सबक बनूँगी।

माँग लेना मेरी बेशर्मी के सबूत, दिखा देना मेरी जैसी बेवकूफ लड़कियों को, चाहे तो इशारा भी कर देना मेरी ओर,

क्योंकि आखिर गलती तो मेरी ही थी।

With you

I changed this. This change is for you.

I want to know how you live and love the way you live. I love my home, but for you I am willing to explore the world. With you. I want to know what makes you smile, what is it that has you so enchanted in it . I want to see how you want to live and live. With you. I want to see what is your home what makes you feel at home and be your home. With you. I am willing to take anything up on my sleeves. I want to be the companion you travel with in day and I want to be the lover you feel your home with at night. I’ll give up on my stability to see you go up the hills on one fine morning with a true smile on your face. 

With you, I am ready to be a less concrete, more flesh. 

Only, with you.

Travel companion

There are three types of travelling I’ve done so far.

1. Solo

2. Group

3. Duo

The solo travelling wanders through your fears, basic ideologies, thought process and other psychological elements. The fun part becomes a secondary object and you travel within yourself.

Whereas when you travel in a group, fun is your priority. You are drawn towards the things you’d never do when alone just for the sake of fun. 

Let’s see it this way- you aren’t a selfie queen(most of the travellers aren’t anyway) but when you are travelling in a group, you might end up with 100 and above selfies(also known as groupfies). Your individual choices are kept aside automatically and daring nature pops out.

And now talking about the duo travelling. It’s a trip where you have a fellow traveller with you. He can be a stranger, a friend or family.

The basic characteristics are that you start contradicting your ideas, reminiscing about them. There are talks, we don’t talk exactly about intellectual stuff but about how we see the world. The conversations are float and simple in nature. Your thoughts somehow match and you’re relaxed. A good fellow makes the songs dull and scenes more alive. The extract, there is always an extract to these travels. It takes you through your life.

These extracts remain for your lifetime. They are the result of intense conversations where you are talking about just travelling. You see people not just with your perspective, but also from another perspective where you know you are comfortable.

A friend of mine and I extracted three important things from our recent trip to Chitrakoot(Uttar Pradesh,India).

There are three most biggest and important things in everybody’s lives, however much they are ignorant of it.

1. Happiness

2. Dreams

3. Hobby

Valentine vibes

The setting sun gave her colo

urs she wanted for so long, but she gave it her the only thing she never used, her heart.

How to study

During exam time, all you want to do is have fun. Watch movies, play games, wander around or just sleep.

So it’s like I want to study and I try to get more fun.

Done? Understood?

So my idea is to have so much fun that your heart wants to study. Bore yourself out of fun so that you could study.

Got it?😊

A trip to understand religion

The courage

Definitely some of us dream of a heroic death. In a battlefield, conflict of area saving someone or something important. We imagine it, the scenarios constantly crawl inside our brain pushing us towards more dreams. 

It still raises questions. Will we ever be able to make the ultimate sacrifice when the time comes? The courage, will it appear just on time? Will we feel that it’s worth it then? 


This was my pain, that you thought was happiness;

Splattered on my wall, crying with me;

Laughing with you, at you;

It held my wall for it was in pain, it wanted to fall off;

But it stayed, what made it stay so long?

Ask me.

You humor me, answer to that, 

I don’t know, I can’t know.

It is for me to feel, you to see;

Yet it is for me to cry and you to ignore;

It was for naked eye to see, but I was clever;

You are foolish, because it was for naked eye to see;

It stood there dying, with me, didn’t you see?

I cry with it, it knows my pain, only it knows my pain.

Suddenly I just wanted to get away from all the study, fun, friends -basically from hostel. So I embarked on the journey alone after not getting a partner ti accompany my ‘the thought walk’. I wandered here and there not knowing where I was going. Sometimes I even doubted that whether I will be able to find my way back to hostel. But I went on refusing to gi back so soon. Also I had to digest all the heavy food I had pushed in my mouth earlier that day. So I kept walking on. I saw dogs , a lot of them, performed an awesome on them a few times. I saw people of all types- old, young, female, male, gatekeepers, businessman, cute boys and so many others.

Thoughts were running inside my mind haywire. They all were just going here and there in search of a motive, direction they should go. So the alleys came out in the main road and  my thoughts came out to find a direction. 

So here’s what came to mind. There were a lot of people walking, riding their vehicles and all sort of things. 

I guess, around 60-70% of them are not able to do what they want to do.

And I was on the other hand was taking my freedom to do anything I wanted for granted, for so long.  A random thought, but it just came out of nowhere and now while I am sitting at a bus stop aimlessly writing this 
, it is still swirling in my head. 

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