Traveller living on the dust

As she walked past the roofs and laughter,
She felt smile coming up on her face.
The little foot running here and there.

The cackle of pure happiness.

She saw the mother with the child
And sighed in relief that he was not alone.
As she walked past the scene,
The sun was setting down behind the concrete.
The men and women walked in fast pace,
As the evening grew old,
People started pouring out of their houses,
Like champagne coming out of a bottle to celebrate.
They held hands and disappeared into lights,
She watched them getting lost in bright lights.
As she passed by the lights, she hoped to catch some shine on her,
Alas, it was not for her.
Lights were to stay there forever,
So was the laughter and smiles.
She looked down in agony but she finally found herself,
The dust travelled everywhere,

Invisible, in fading memories, in vanishing love,

She knew now
That she was a traveller, living on the dust.


कहीं गुम हो जाना

कहीं गुम हो जाना अच्छा लगता होगा।
जहाँ बहुत सारी टिमटिमाती बत्तियां हो,
उसमे से एक रोशनी पर अपनी हो।
रंग बहुत सारे हो,
पर एक रंग सिर्फ अपना भी तो हो
जहाँ नई नई सी हवा हो, नया से माहौल हो,
कुछ यादें हर स्वाद को बेमज़ा न करें।
जहाँ गुम होना खुशनसीबी होगी,
लेकिन वहा कमसकम कोई अपना होगा।
जो आसमां सिर्फ अपना होगा।
जहां शिकायतों से शिकायत नहीं होगी,
जहां बिना कहे सब बताना आसान होगा।
जहां उम्मीदे बिना पूछे समझी जाएंगी,
रंग हर रात को भीग कर बेतरतीब ना होंगे।

Worth of dreams

When you dream of the future, beware.

Things will not be the same even after five seconds;

And you dream of things that are to happen years after!

This is amusing for me and stupid of you.

Laugh at those and you will never forget the lesson.

Be the bitter, stoic old grandma,

You wont do the mistakes again.

Dont make the strangers a part of your future.

You will be punished if you do so.

They will not be there when your knees will be burning under the pressure of life,

When you will want to leave and need comfort just to take it a bit longer,

They will run away at the sight of you bleeding.

They never wanted to be there for you.

And you dream of years with them!

You are a stupid.

You need to take things slow, let the people prove that they are worthy of the dreams you are dreaming with them.

But dont be the one you hate,

Be the one who proves to someone that you are worthy of being in their dreams as well.

Dont you think that the dreams are precious?

It takes a lot of courage to dream where you are with someone.

Be courageous, be cautious.

They arent gold, they are gems,

Once broken, they will not be the same again.

Your dreams will be tainted, beyond cleaning.

Will you break your dreams down in pieces, just so you can dream again?

Will it be that easy?

Be careful.


मैं की कहानी

वो हल्की सी जो धूप खिली थी सुबह में,

शाम को निकलते वक्त याद बहुत आयी उसकी।

सुबह उसने मुझे देखते ही कहा था -“अरी, मिलती तो जाओ”,

कह दिया था मैंने तपाक से-“यार वक़्त नहीं है, काम पर जाना है”।

अपना से मुँह लिए खड़ी रह गयी थी वो, हल्के से इतना ही कह पायी की ठीक है।

मैं काम के लिए निकल गया, वहा दस लोगो से मिला, बातें की,

बाहर धूप ज़रा तेज़ थी, पर चारदीवारी के अंदर पता कहा चला।

उसने बहुत बार आवाज़ दी थी ज़ोर ज़ोर से, पर इतने शोरगुल में उसकी कहाँ सुनाई देती।

शाम हुई, काम खत्म हुआ, लोगों की भीड़ कम हो गयी,

निकलते वक्त धूप से हुई वो बातचीत याद आयी,

देखा मैंने उसकी तरफ़ मुड़ कर, ज़रा थकी हुई सी नज़र आई।

मेरी तरफ देख मुस्कुराई वो थकान भरे चेहरे से,

मैंने पूछा कि बात करोगी अब?

उसकी मुस्कुराहट गायब हो गयी, अजीब सा लगा।

” बहुत कुछ देखा है मैंने आज पूरे दिन। थका हुआ सा महसूस कर रही हूँ।”

पूछा मैंने-” क्यों, काम ज़्यादा था क्या?”

“ना” कहा उसने।

तो क्या थी वजह पूछ बैठा मैं,

“हर जगह सिर्फ ‘मैं’ ही देख मैंने आज”- इतना सा जवाब था उसका बस।

काफी था न।

वो चली गयी अपने घर,

मैं अपने घर आ गया।

अगले दिन और ‘मैं’ देखने की तैयारी में।

Are you able to love?

Are you able to love?

Love that will consume you and you will re-live!

Love that breaks you with the expectations,

And mend with the sweet nothings.

Are the feelings enough?

Will you be ever enough?

Will your love ever be enough?

How you will love when your trust is broken every time,

Every time, when you wanted the peace of embrace,

You get the coldness you have in your heart.

When there is not a sliver of warmth and you are dying,

Each day, every day.

When you realize that the care isn’t a permanent thing,

It will diminish with time and age.

When all the fairy tales lie so badly and you find yourself standing on the edge.

But who knows that it’s breaking you down.

The source is blissfully unaware.

The source feels the same pain, but has turned cold.

So cold, the shivers just won’t go.

You finally find your heart and its vacant now,

The tenants have left, the trash is left behind.

You still think that the trash is precious and you keep collecting more from them.

The space is filling up, the jumbled floor is a proof.

Are you able to love?

The patience that the mountains have,

The calmness the trees have,

The love that a mother and father’s hearts feels,

The grade of care a sibling have,

The passion a dreamer have,

The understanding a seeker possesses,

The compassion a fellow patient have,

The sense of discovery a traveller have,

Do you have all these?

If yes, search for love.

If not, you are not able to love.

He have it, do you?

One fine evening while returning from work, I had a nice nap thinking what I should cook for dinner. When I woke up, I had a brilliant idea of a dinner-out with colleagues at a fast food restaurant with whatever money we had at the end of the month. The fast food chains provide offers to fill up the stomach without much dent in our pocket. Back to topic, as we entered the restaurant, we ordered loads of food and had fun while eating.

No, no the end.

As we stood in the line waiting for the food that will fill our stomach, something filled my heart as well. A middle-aged man was standing at a table looking at the bill and counting the money he got back from the counter. At the very first sight the scene looks depressing and sad to the onlookers. But hey, it was a fast food chain, people were in rush, who cares what he felt! Anyway, he stood there with a gloomy look on his face and maybe guessing how much money he was left with to meet the ends this month. 

Or maybe he was just an aware citizen looking for GST and the other taxes so that he can criticize it later at a tea stall with his fellow tea enthusiasts.

Let’s be a bit positive for a moment, shall we?

As I looked at him, he had a hint of satisfaction in his eyes when he looked up. I had to avert my eyes as it would have been rude to stare. Thoughts flew in, settled down and started talking.

While we were looking for fun and food, a night to post pictures of and laugh about, that man at the table stood counting how much it cost him to buy happiness. He had what none of us had at that moment. He was going to go back and face smiles and laughs that meant most to him in this world. He was going to cherish the fruit of every dime he spent on his happineIss. Isn’t that what is life about, finding happiness and if not found, looking for it!

So, as we sat there eating and laughing at our silly jokes, I watched a man buy happiness where the world buys food..

The Ache

It aches for freedom, the choice.

The lost sense of happiness,

The carefree feeling it used to feel.

The winds are slow and the air polluted,

The lights falls heavily on the eyes, blinding them.

The soothing darkness is missing,

It has lost its power and shies away in the corner.

The music makes no sense, they don’t create happiness;

Music is just noise now.

It aches for everything real, free.