Bhopal is a place of sudden plans and visits for me. Being a student residing in a hostel, whenever there is free time and greens are left to spare, it turns into a trip to some place.

So, when on one scorching sunday morning we found ourselves near Sair Sapata- an amusement park, it was an opportunity for us.

Walking to the destination with scalding sun ovehead, all we could think about was turning back and hiding under a shade. But keeping our headstrong we got the best memories of our lives. Upon entering the premises, it looked barren, hot and dry. Though the greenary was in abundance , it still came off as somewhat arid. What we didn’t knew was that, an indelible experience waited for us on the other side as we crossed the suspension bridge while enjoying cool breeze and adoring the pristine vista.

While wandering aimlessly we stumbled upon a commando net and two little boys climbing on it. This was something I always wanted to do since my childhood, but now after years of installed fear acquired throughout growing up dulled my excitement.

Thus, I decided that it was better if I just start a conversation with the kids. They came of a tadbit shy at first, but coaxing them into comfort using my somewhat boyish charm opened them as a book of treasures. The fear of ours that the ropes will break under the pressure of our weights kept us far from even trying to climb. Then the boys came to our rescue and assured us that it will not break and even went to demonstrate us that by jumping up and down. The breaking point for me was when the kid said that he will catch me if I fall and I gave in to their persuasion.

On reaching the other side of the net i was met with innocent loud claps and words of appreciation. They even challenged us for a race of fastest climbing and as obvious as it could get, faced denial. They fell, climbed, laughed, layed down with us and all felt so comfortable just as the good old shoes.

As we took rest laying on the burma bridge, we bantered back and forth with the kids. Hesitating a little bit they asked us our names and when answered told theirs even proudly adding their ages- Rohan and Siddarth, 8 and 13. They took us into the forest trail of the teensy forest of trees and shrubs. They were kind enough to bestow us with their knowledge of shortcuts, keeping us away from the actual long trail. The fun rides didn’t start until five so we had plenty of time to ourselves. We travelled through the whole amusement park, guffawing and guiltily giggling on people and their actions as we had nothing much to do. As we went to take rest on the podium seats near musical fountain, the boys ran off to enjoy the swings and slides. Couple of minutes later my ears caught sound of running footsteps. Popping one eye open, I saw the boys running towards us. We sat up straighter and saw as they came to stop near where we were sitting and panted heavily. Siddarth handed me a packet of salty biscuits and asked us to eat. Boys must have sensed question marks hanging on our faces so they explained that they heard us talking about being hungry. So there were the biscuits to our rescue. Those words were so thoughtful and to put it correctly were pure bliss for our hearts. Breaking the trance I was in, we devoured the little treat while chatting. The packet of biscuits was eaten and we sat together in an easy silence just enjoying the tranquillity the park offers. The chirping birds, cool breeze, marvelous view of upper lake and faint sounds of children laughing and playing gives the park a wonderful ambience.

It was already 4 and time for us to return, so we told the boys that we have to go and after au revoirs started our journey back. But Rohan wasn’t ready to leave us just yet, so he ran after us. On being questioned that why was he following us, he simply stated that he have to get back to his work on his chai ki tapri (samll tea stall). Siddrarth, sort of reluctant to leave the fun behind followed us anyway.

On our parting ways, the boys took a promise from us to visit thier stalls, whenever we have time and guranteed to treat us with best chai in the area.

Stuffed atmosphere, hot weather, no rides

forgotten in the company of those two boys who surprised us through their kind gesture, funny stories and memories worth a lifetime.

When i woke up that morning, this wasn’t something I expected to happen but undeniably it was something that was worth waking up to.


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