Suddenly I just wanted to get away from all the study, fun, friends -basically from my hostel. So I embarked on a walk alone after not getting a partner to accompany my ‘the thought walk’. I wandered here and there, not knowing where I was going. A time came when I doubted that whether I will be able to find my way back to hostel or not. But I kept on walking, refusing to go back so soon.  I saw many dogs and played with them for some time and I saw humans too.

Thoughts were jumbled up in my mind and messing with the thought process. All of them were just moving inside my head in search of a motive, a direction. So, as I left the alleys behind for the main road, my thoughts also reached the destination they were craving for.

So here’s what came to my mind. There were so many people walking, riding their vehicles and everything that was a part of their daily routine.

I was disturbed by the fact that there are so many faces among them who were not able to do what they wanted to do. Many of them may have left their dreams behind to search for a livelihood to survive and support their families. What they could have been if they were able to do what they dreamt of.

And I was on the other hand taking my freedom to do anything I wanted, for granted and that too for so long.

Isn’t it wonderful when just a walk alone and an empty bus stop with people passing by can do to your life! This could be your life changing moment, if you chose to embrace and welcome it with an open brain and heart.


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