Suddenly I just wanted to get away from all the study, fun, friends -basically from hostel. So I embarked on the journey alone after not getting a partner ti accompany my ‘the thought walk’. I wandered here and there not knowing where I was going. Sometimes I even doubted that whether I will be able to find my way back to hostel. But I went on refusing to gi back so soon. Also I had to digest all the heavy food I had pushed in my mouth earlier that day. So I kept walking on. I saw dogs , a lot of them, performed an awesome on them a few times. I saw people of all types- old, young, female, male, gatekeepers, businessman, cute boys and so many others.

Thoughts were running inside my mind haywire. They all were just going here and there in search of a motive, direction they should go. So the alleys came out in the main road and  my thoughts came out to find a direction. 

So here’s what came to mind. There were a lot of people walking, riding their vehicles and all sort of things. 

I guess, around 60-70% of them are not able to do what they want to do.

And I was on the other hand was taking my freedom to do anything I wanted for granted, for so long.  A random thought, but it just came out of nowhere and now while I am sitting at a bus stop aimlessly writing this 
, it is still swirling in my head.