​A journey to find a myth

A journey taken upon by two individuals to the unknown, 

To find a myth that they heard stories about;

A game of trial and error started and words were read, 

Words of wisdom the only torch for them for the darkness they knew nothing about.

The ship set for the destination promising a better future with happiness, 

In the search of the unknown,

A unicorn, they wanted, was it really a myth?

They are about to find out.

Tear stained puffed cheeks welcomed the journey with a hearty embrace,

A farewell before the exploration;

Praise them both, for they started the journey when it was on the verge of a premature death.

To prove that it is not a myth, there are a need of few ingredients;

This myth is delicate in nature and takes its sweet time to be cooked,

The need of precision and care is utmost.


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