To give up

I always wondered what it would feel like to give up. Is it that easy to give up?

What were they thinking about before they gave up?

Were they happy that everything was ending at last or they were sad that the things were ending this way?

There are so many questions that remain unanswered to the naked eyes. Why can’t we see that a person is thinking about ending his life? How ignorant a mind and a pair of eyes could be?

Looking up to the stars tonight, a thought crawls into my brain. Are you happy now that all of this has ended or it just doesn’t matter anymore?

Didn’t you find it easy to leave the fight and just refrain from answering the obvious?

Wasn’t it better to give up when no one cared to stop and actually look at you? Did you feel the pain when all of them just passed by, laughing and giggling in their own blissful world?

Why fight, when no one cares that you exist or not?

There were some tears shed, after you were gone. But if they cared so much, how dare they be so ignorant? 

How could they un-look the pain you were in?

Aren’t they feeling guilty now? The answer is-No.

Go out, stand still and shout out loud. Shout that you need help, you can’t take it anymore, and it’s unbearable.

See what happens. Do they stop and listen to you or call the staff of the Looney bins?

A crowd consists of busy people.

Safe line, everyone has one. What made you cross yours? It wasn’t safe anymore, right?

You couldn’t feel the love you had for the things that you prized most and held close to the heart.

You were slowly letting things just pass by, slip out of your heart, wasn’t that so easy?

As you planned how to do it, you went through all the memories you had- good as well as bad.

You were searching for something that may stop you but you didn’t find any.

And at that moment, you felt so hopeless. You were so frustrated that you wanted to tear the world apart. But you don’t have the strength left to do that, so you decided to tear yourself apart.

 That’s easy, you thought.

Don’t you ever feel guilty that you chose to leave?

No, because when they didn’t care enough when you were crying, then why would they care if you died.


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