​Skill education- the future

After completing a post-graduation in broadcast journalism, with high expectations of getting a job or at least an internship in the media industry was the dream Nandita had in her mind. A post-graduation degree from a renowned university was what she had when she entered the first office she entered to apply for the journey of her dreams. After receiving her curriculum vitae, they told her that she will be contacted when an action will be taken upon her application. She waited. For a month, she was antsy and falling and climbing the cliff of hopes.

She received nothing, so she was advised that she should apply in a few more companies. She did as she was told. No reply ever made way to her. She grew anxious and started questioning that what the problem was. She consulted with her seniors and they asked her to apply for internships. She did as told. On entering the office for the first day as an intern after multiple unanswered applications, she felt happy. She was finally on her road to success. 

The next 1 week went where she was embarrassed and bewildered. Why? Because she lacked the basic skills required for working in the media industry. She felt low all the time and after months of hard work and learning, she was finally ready to embark on the journey.

She lacked skills. This is a simple thing to say and the situation is bad enough in India itself and our students are dreaming of getting jobs that can rival to that of the global jobs. The focus is on the theory subjects and passing the exam. The schools and colleges not equipped enough to help the students gain enough skills to make them ready for the future. The ancient tattered syllabus of the education system is also a reason why the practical knowledge is not the focus.

Skills are not only for getting good jobs but they also provide the individual satisfaction to the students as they know what they want and are able to get it. The area of interest is quite clear to them and they know exactly how they have to walk down that road. 

For a student just out of the education system so old, all that he needs is practical knowledge and skill. The rapidly changing world needs the people who are skilled to do their work. The various programs started by organizations and government are the only ways to acquire the skills. The mainstream education system has proved itself highly incapable in providing what the students require later in life.

Skills based education is the only way that is going to provide just a small solution for the unemployed youth. With skills, they can set higher goals and at least try for the best. The start-ups also require a basic set of skills and this can prove to be a tool for the frustrated and hopeless youth


One thought on “​Skill education- the future

  1. Now this is very true. You are great at capturing the essence. I’d like to know what you think about the ways which can be implemented to bring about a change regarding this sorry state of our education system.


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