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Sinful calmness

Heavy snakes cascaded through the red wet sand to reach the marble palace and tainted it felt the same heaviness and the reddish heat.

The light cotton structures above them guarded over them to ensure that everything goes according to the plan. 

The result- magnificent long curvy strikes over a huge expanse of area and then the abrupt pristine whiteness marred with the same curvy strikes with the leftover red. The sky- clear light blue and at its best was lightly scattered with playful fluffy clouds.

Well, about the plan- it was pre-planned. The pleasant soft green grass was gently swaying at being teased by the coltish wind – it was planned in advance. Months ago it rained and thus the greenery.

The summed up result- the pure turned sinful which calms you. 

​10 autobiographies every teenager should read

Teenage phase is the time of your life when you are struggling to survive through the transition from childhood to adulthood.  Your body goes through the chaotic hormones that change every second and people irk you with treating you as an adult now and a kid next minute. A time when everything seems either ‘happily ever after’ or ‘forever going down’, there is a need of sense of reality with positivity and answers you seek.  
Autobiographies serve these purposes very well.  10 autobiographies that every teenager should read at least once:-

I know why the caged bird sings – Maya Angelou

The book presents a vivid account of author’s family, social experiences and the insecurities she felt which played an important role in her growing up. Besides narrating the caste and class system of South America, it also deals with various problems that she faced while growing up and how she dealt with them.
The black notebooks – Toi Derricotte

The book travels through various struggles that the author faced because of her self-doubts and fear. Also she continuously battles with the question that who she is and whether she should let people know that. 
Playing it my way – Sachin Tendulkar

Master blaster reveals his journey from local buses to world class BMW. The book not only gives glimpses into the childhood and life of idol of many, but also motivates and encourages people to go on in life. 
The glass castle – Jeannette Walls

The memoir is all about the love for a loyal but dysfunctional family. The children learn to take care of themselves, helping each other, embrace life fearfully and eventually find their way towards happiness and success. 
Three cups of tea – Greg Mortenson & David Oliver Reiln

The author along with Relin recounts a journey which took him from the failed K2 climb to successful establishment of schools in some of the isolated regions ok Pakistan & Afghanistan. This is a heartening story of converting bomb and guns to books and knowledge.
Truth, love & a little malice – Khushwant Singh  

A large section of population in India is already aware about a story or two about khushwant Singh’s life. This autobiography presents the entire life story of the renowned author. This book stacks up all the stories that prompted whatever the author is, at present.
Mein kampf – Adolf Hitler

To get the picture what resulted into emergence of Hitler, this autobiography is must. The book bares, his childhood, aspirations, political ideologies and plan he had for the future of Germany.

The diary of a young girl – Anne Frank

The horrors of war can be easily traced in this book along with the conditions of Jewish people in Germany during Hitler’s tyranny. The firsthand account provides a vivid account of isolation from the outer world and constantly present threat to life and freedom. It is a story of a young girl growing up in the confinement of four walls during war.
 The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin –  Benjamin Franklin

This book contains the life story of one of the America’s founding fathers, Benjamin Franklin. He was a self taught, an excellent orator and extremely witty. This book is totally mesmerizing account of his life which was full of intellectualism and optimism.
Angela’s ashes –  Frank Mc court

The memoir’s author was born in depression-era Brooklyn and raised in slums of Ireland. He recounts the continuous poverty he lived in, begging to avoid starvation and supplemented with father’s alcoholic habits. But still he tells the tale with forgiveness, happiness and enthusiasm.


Bhopal is a place of sudden plans and visits for me. Being a hosteler, whenever an opening shows up and greens are left to spare, it turns into a trip to some place.

So, when on one scorching sunday mornning we found ourselves near Sair Sapata- an amusement park, it was an opportunity for us.

Walking to the destination with scalding sun ovehead, all we could think about was turning back and hiding under a shade. But keeping our headstrong we got the best memories of our lives. Upon entering the premises, it looked barren, hot dry. though the greenary was abundant , it still came off as somewhat arid. What we didn’t knew that an indelible experience waited for us on the other side as we crossed the suspension bridge while  enjoying cool breeze, adoring the pristine vista.

While wandering aimlessly we stumbled upon a commando net and two little boys climbing on it. This was something i have always wanted to do since my childhood, but now after years of installed fear acqired throughout growing up dulled my excitement.

Thus, i decided that it was better if I just start a conversation with the kids. They came of a tadbit shy at first, but coaxing them into comfort using my somewhat boyish charm opened them as a book of treasures. The fear of ours that the ropes of the net will break under the pressure of our weights kept us far from even trying to climb. Then the boys came to our rescue and assured us that it will not break and even went to demonstrate us that by jumping up and down. The breaking point for me was when the kid said that he will catch me if I fall and I gave in to their persuasion.

On reaching the other side of the net i was met with loud claps and innocent words of appreciation. They even challenged us for a race of fastest climbing and as obvious as it could get, faced denial. They fell, climbed, laughed layed down with us and all felt so comfortable just as good old shoes.

As we took rest laying on the burma bridge, we bantered back and forth with the kids.  Hesitating a little bit they asked us our names and when answered told theirs even proudly adding their ages- Rohan and Siddarth, 8 and 13. They took us into the forest trail of the teensy forest of trees and shrubs. They were kind enough to bestow us with their knowledge of shortcuts, keeping us away from the actual long trail. The rides didn’t start until five so we had plenty of time to ourselves. We travelled through the whole amusement park guffawing and guiltily giggling on people and their actions as we had nothing much to do. As we went to take rest on the podium seats near musical fountain, the boys ran off to somewhere. Couple of minutes later my ears caught sound of running footsteps. Popping one eye open, i saw the boys running towards us. We sat up straighter and wathced them as they came to stop and panted heavily. Siddarth handed me a packet of salty biscuits and asked us to eat. Boys must have sensed question marks hanging on our faces so they explained that they heard us talking about being hungry. So there were the biscuits. Those words were so thoughtful and to put it correctly were pure bliss for our hearts. Breaking the trance i was in, we devoured the little treat while chattering. After thet we sat in an easy silence just enjoying the tranquillity the park offers. The chirping birds, cool breeze, marvelous view of upper lake and faint sounds of children laughing and playing gives the park a wonderful ambience.

It was already 4 and time for us to return, so we told the boys that we have to go and after au revoirs started our journey back. But Rohan wasn’t ready to leave us just yet, so he ran after us. On being questioned that why was he following us, he simply stated that he have to get back to his work on his chai ki tapri (samll tea stall). Siddrarth, sort of reluctant to leave the fun behind followed us anyway.

On our parting ways, the boys took a promise from us to visit thier stalls, whenever we have time and guranteed to treat us with best chai in the area.

Stuffed atmosphere, hot weather, no rides 

 forgotten in the company of those two boys who surprised us through their kind gestures, funny stories and memories worth a lifetime.

When i woke up that morning, this wasn’t something i expected to happen but undeniably it was something that was worth waking up to.

​Barodol er mela

Krishnanagar is considered as a bustling town with a quaint touch to it with a hint of an old world homely charm. The city is stuffed with houses where iron bars envelopes the bright coloured verandas adorned with paintings of eminent Bengalis. The history of the town revolves around the royal family, its rajbari (palace) and the ancient traditions & stories that had developed a character close to heart. The traces of these customs can be tracked in the festivals and public gatherings such as fairs. One of such fair is called Barodol that is celebrated in the month of Chaitra (April).
There are a multiple stories that surround the festival’s origin. One of such tales is that the 12 most important and eminent merchants used to set up their stalls to sell their items where the people from faraway places came to enjoy. It was more of a requirements selling fair that also provided the luxuries all at one place. Also there is another story that is famous among the locals is that the then king Krishnachandra used to celebrate a festival in respect of the 12 forms of deities Radha and Krishna and the tradition continues.

The fair also includes the exhibition of the twelve miniature deities that are decorated with lights and flowers. The fair is also significant as the first idol of the city is moulded into shape at the Palace, and then only the idols for various parts in the town are created. During a famous festival of Krishnanagar, Jagadhatri pooja, there is a tradition that all the idols are passed from the front of the main gates before they are established in their places. 

Now days, the fair is celebrated in the vicinity of palace for around a month. The ground in front of the Palace is littered with small makeshift shops that sell many locally made artefacts and small items of household, toys, faux jewelleries and much more. Along with these, many swings and rides are also installed those can be enjoyed on a very low price. 

The fare is a colourful event that attracts lakhs of people in the Palace that is surrounded by a lake that can only be accessed only through a makeshift bridge that is only constructed during the fair each year.  The items found at the fair range from plastic spoons to branded lipstick to furniture for home. The people attending the fair are lucky enough to find Krishnanagar-er-matir putul (clay idols) that are famous for their expressive faces and beauty.

The best part of the fair is the array of food that is available at an affordable price. The local delicacies like Pithai Porotha, dhakai porotha, chana-r-jilepi, khirsagar and chana-r-payesh will entice your taste buds like nothing else. Apart from this, the commonly known Bengali dishes such as mishit doi, roshogollas can also be found. The food scenario, although is changing, as the people are demanding new flavours. South Indian, Chinese cuisines along with borrowed burgers and sandwiches are gaining popularity in the fair.

The aroma of food, the pure scent of the agarbattis in the air, the multi-coloured crowd with constant sounds of chattering, religious chants and shankh sum up what you can expect in Barodol mela.



A tribute to the little girl

What was supposed to be my my homecoming day, I boarded a bus from Howrah station. When the bus reached Khidirpur, a little girl entered through the door. She was singing a song(I don’t remember which one now) that was lyrically impaired and she had her left palm stretched out in front of commuters. I felt a bubble of laughter in pit of my stomach as she covered up her lack of lyrical information with sing-song babble.

 The money that is collected by these children are usually snatched away by the elder ones that watch over them. The result is either they remain hungry or are drawn towards the addictives that they can easily buy for less than ₹10.

That girl had a beautiful smile- the toothy full-blown smile. She had a dark face accompanied by an array of unkempt sholuder-length hair that was a mixture of various shades of brown with cute little dark eyes. 

I definitely couldn’t give her any money for that would have little to no use to her. So I gently tapped on her head to gain her attention and gave her a packet of biscuits. She then rewarded me with her smile, that floored me. She was genuinely happy and damn I could see that in her smile and eyes. 

After she was done asking for anything from other passengers , I called her again and gave another packet of sweeties. Just to see her smile. When she got off from the bus, her lips still held the smile that the treats had given her. 

There was another girl where the previous one currently stood. She was a little older than her, maybe 15. She held a baby in her arms that I doubt was not even hers. But she came to me and begged to give some money to feed her baby. The little girl then interfered saying that I had already given her food. 

What shocked me that the older girl shouted at her saying that she don’t need food, she want money.

Was this a dreamworld versus reality encounter? Did the older girl knew that she will be punished if she didn’t handed the money to an elder? Was it wrong for the little girl to smile at me when I didn’t gave her what could have saved her from punishment but somehow stopped her growling stomach?

I don’t know.

What we are missing

WE continue to miss things that can be easily achieved if we just have a little bit of courage to dive into the unknown.
The stars are visible from the train window right now and I am feeling so stupid yet ecastic that I was just letting the things pass by me. I was so foolish to not Enjoy little things like this. Sometimes, you tend to forget your own dreams while you are busy reading and learning about others’.



I found the frog hypnotic. I don’t even know why!! It was just that i looked into his eyes directly and found them most expressive than most living beings have these days.

Colourful blur

Blurred rainy evening

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